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Dr. Sarah W. Mackey, CFRE, CCP, CVA puts research and theory into practice in nonprofit organizations in order to strengthen the impact of the nonprofit sector.  She is an award winning speaker, blogger, and consultant who has served on nearly 20 nonprofit boards. Sarah has worked with both community-based and international organizations fulfilling roles ranging from fundraising to communications to executive director.  Sarah combines practitioner-based experience with research-based best practices for nonprofit organizations.

Session Topics:

Board Member Basics:  Define and understand the role and responsibilities for board members

Money for the Mission:  Strategies and tips to engage board members and lead volunteers in raising money to support the organization’s mission

Equipping and Educating:  Learn what the board needs to know and how to empower them for their role through effective board orientations.

Enhancing Board Engagement:  Strategies and frameworks to implement in your organization to increase the engagement of the board.

Board and Staff – Working Better Together:  Learn how your board members and staff can best work together by understanding each other’s roles and developing strategies to maximize effectiveness.

Strategies for Success:  Develop a strategic plan for your organization through involving stakeholders to establish a vision and plan for the future.

Community Collaborations:  When organizations work together, great things can happen.  Learn how to develop and grow collaborations with other nonprofits.

Engaging the Next Generation:  Learn what motivates Gen Xers and how your nonprofit can connect with them as donors, volunteers and employees.

Gaining Awareness:  Ten steps to enhance the awareness of your nonprofit.     

Let’s Get Social:  Strategies to increase your organization’s awareness through social media.

Additional topics can be customized for your organization.
Topics can be combined for retreats and workshops.

For more information about availability and rates, contact Sarah W Mackey.


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