Websites to increase your nonprofit’s productivity

Explore new websites to increase your nonprofit organization’s productivity.  Websites that help you work more efficiently and effectively so you can focus on furthering your nonprofit organization’s mission. And, because you work with a nonprofit’s technology budget – you can use all of these for free.

Check out five of my favorite websites, and explore ways you can use them with your organization.

  1.  Good news – you do not need to be a statistics guru to make sense of your nonprofit’s data!  This suite of services help you make sense of csv files, compares the text of various files, analyze the connectedness of your data and analyzes the most common words and phrases in your files.  Just upload your files and the rest is done for you – it is a great resources for analyzing program evaluations or survey data.
  2. Canva Don’t have a graphic design department?  No personal graphic design skills? No problem!  With Canva you can create amazing, professional and fun designs for your organization.  Create infographics, posters, notecards, and social media posts – no graphic design experience necessary.  The social media post templates are already perfectly sized for each social media network and there are sample poster templates where you can just add your event information in.  Check it out and start creating impressive and professional communications materials.
  3. Doodle So many meetings – board meetings, committee meetings, meetings to plan meetings… find the right date and time for each of your meetings with Doodle.  With Doodle you can provide potential meeting date/time options and invite each of the attendees to note their availability.  Saves time in scheduling all of your nonprofit’s meetings.
  4. Direct Poll: At your meetings, provide an easy way to gauge the temperature in the room on various topics.  Set up an electronic poll so meeting attendees can vote with their cell phone and share their perspective.  Then, the poll results show up instantaneously. This provides a way for everyone’s voice to be heard (not only the loudest) and you can use the results of the poll to guide the ongoing discussion.  Set up the poll in advance, and then share the QR code and voting link when you want folks to vote.  And yes, the meeting attendees can scan the QR code when it is projected onto a screen, making it easy for them to vote from their phone.
  5. Google Alerts: Stay up to date on content that is interesting to you and your nonprofit!  Set up Google Alerts to be notified when items of interest to you pop up on the internet.  You can set up alerts to be notified about your nonprofit organization, top donors, key partners and lead volunteers.  A great way to stay up to date on what is important to your organization.  Tip: Use “quote marks” around each phrase you set up an alert on.

Technology, and especially free technology, is a great resource to increase the productivity of your nonprofit.


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