How to raise more money in five days

5What are you going to do this week to raise money?  Use this framework to develop concrete steps to move your organization’s resource development forward this week.

Monday: Identify prospective major donors
The best place to look for prospects for major gifts is within your current donor database. Examine your database and identify two donors you have previously cultivated and call them to ask for a meeting on Thursday.

Tuesday: Review and refresh your case for support
The case for support is your answer to the question “Why should I donate to your organization?” Invest some time in reviewing and updating your organization’s case for support and ensuring it includes current information about your organization’s strategic plan, projects and program recipients.

Wednesday: Optimize online giving
It is important to ensure your website is easy to navigate for the growing number of individuals looking to give online. Ensure your website has a clear and urgent call for donations, the donation button stand out on the homepage, and the donation page does not have any unnecessary fields for the donor to complete.

Thursday: Ask
Get out from behind your desk and visit face to face with the prospects you identified on Monday. Share with them the case for support and provide them the opportunity to make a donation to support your organization’s mission.

Friday: Thank donors
Practice good stewardship by calling at least three donors to thank them for their previous support of your organization. During each call, thank the donor and share specific information about how his or her gift will fulfill the organization’s mission.

Through making intentional efforts to execute specific fundraising tasks on a daily basis, you can succeed in raising more money.

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