Mission Matters

MissionI work with a lot of nonprofit board members.  No board member has ever told me they joined a nonprofit’s board because they couldn’t wait to attend long meetings. No board member has told me that the reason for joining the board was excitement about revising bylaws or reviewing financial reports. And, no board member has told me the reason they serve on a nonprofit board is because they know hundreds of friends with millions of dollars and he or she just can’t wait to ask each of their millionaire friends to give all their money to the nonprofit.

Whether you are a board member, employee, or volunteer with a nonprofit organization, you likely got involved because of the organization’s mission. Perhaps the organization provides a service you believe is needed, serves a population you care about, or addresses a community issue you are passionate about. Mission matters.

The organization’s mission statement outlines the purpose or reason for the organization’s existence, how the organization intends to fulfill its purpose, and the ultimate benefit of the organization fulfilling its purpose.

Since the mission is truly what matters, look for ways to incorporate mission moments for your board members, employees and volunteers.  Explore these ways to create mission moments:

  • Invite a program recipient to share his/her story at a board meeting
  • Include a story about the mission’s impact in the organization’s newsletter
  • Host a committee meeting at a program delivery site
  • Feature a mission success story at a special event
  • Ask volunteers to share a story about why they are passionate about the mission

Incorporating these mission moments into your organization will continue to remind your board, staff and volunteers why they initially engaged with the organization. It will also feed their passion to carry out the not-so-exciting and not-so-glamorous tasks that are necessary. It will remind them that all of those tasks are steps towards accomplishing and fulfilling the mission they care about so deeply. Remind them that the mission matters.

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