You know you work at a nonprofit when….

You know you work at nonprofit when….

… your supply of pens comes from friendly bank tellers. (Who has money for office supplies?)

…. during direct mail season, checking the mail is a high point of the day.  Love seeing the support of donors who send donations into the organization.

… you can’t wait to get to work everyday, because you are passionate about your work.

… you’ve cried because of the joy you’ve been able to bring to others through your job, because it really is not just a job to you.

… your annual salary is less than one day’s pay for a professional athlete.

… your spouse is “volun-told” to participate in all your great work activities.

… your list of friends for parties and Christmas cards ranges from those who are homeless to those who are bank presidents.

…you see every lunch not just as a time to nourish your body, but also as a donor cultivation opportunity.

… your toilet stops working, instead of calling a plumber you turn to your volunteer files.

… 15 years of higher education and part of your job duties are to take out the trash.

These are some of the joys of working at a nonprofit… what additions would you make to this list?


About Dr. Sarah Wolin Mackey

Putting theory into practice at nonprofit organizations.
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