25 Ways to Engage Your Board in Fundraising

boardfundraisingOne role of a nonprofit board is to ensure appropriate resources are available to the organization. Fundraising is a key component for fulfilling this role, yet oftentimes board members are not engaged in the fundraising process. 

One reason for a lack of board member engagement is not recognizing all the opportunities to contribute to the fundraising cycle. From identifying new donor prospects, soliciting donors, and supporting donor stewardship activities, there are fundraising tasks for all board members.

Consider these 25 ways board members can engage in fundraising:

  1. Write a check
  2. Coordinate a field trip for your colleagues to tour the nonprofit organization’s offices or service area
  3. Invite a friend to see one of the nonprofit’s programs in action
  4. Coordinate an information table for the nonprofit organization at your place of worship
  5. Submit 5 new names and addresses to the affiliate’s direct mail campaign
  6. Call 10 donors to thank them for donating to the organization
  7. Take photographs capturing the organization’s impact and share the photos with donors
  8. Personally sign and add a PS note to 20 direct mail letters for renewing donors
  9. Mail 5 handwritten thank you notecards to major donors
  10. Send invitations to your Facebook friends to “Like” the nonprofit’s Facebook page
  11. Wear a shirt, pin, or name badge for the nonprofit organization when you are attending business networking events
  12. Invite the nonprofit organization to speak at your civic club (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Optimists, etc.)
  13. Invite a donor for a cup of coffee and share updates on current projects for the organization
  14. Include the nonprofit on your LinkedIn profile
  15. Share with the nonprofit a membership list (with mailing addresses) from a civic club, congregation or community organization and then send each of them a copy of the organization’s newsletter
  16. Visit a business that supports the nonprofit and thank them for their support
  17. Start a crowdfunding website to support the organization
  18. Host an open house in your home and invite friends over to learn more about the nonprofit and hear from program recipients
  19. Serve on a fundraising special event committee
  20. Research grant opportunities
  21. Interview recipients of services from the nonprofit and write up a story so it can be shared with donors
  22. Ask one of the organization’s volunteer to donate $10 to support a specific project
  23. Tweet about the nonprofit’s events, stories and volunteer opportunities
  24. Introduce the executive director to a colleague, friend or congregation member who could be a potential donor
  25. Ask a business to sponsor a fundraising event

By taking on the responsibility for some of these specific fundraising tasks, board members can offer their strengths to contribute to the organization’s ability to fulfill its mission.

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