Step Up: Be an Ambassador

Are you interested in helping a nonprofit organization you care about?  Perhaps you are a donor, volunteer, client or participant and you have always wanted to do more help the nonprofit organization.

If you have a nonprofit organization you are passionate about, I encourage you to become an ambassador for the organization.  Here are 10 things you can do to be an ambassador for a nonprofit organization:

  1. Wear the Brand.  Wear the name or logo of a nonprofit on your hat, shirt or lapel pin. You never know who you will run into and the conversations that may be sparked by them seeing you wear the nonprofit’s name or logo.
  2. Invite a Friend. Next time you are planning to volunteer or attend a special event for a nonprofit, invite a friend. By engaging them with the nonprofit, you have multiplied your involvement and impact with the nonprofit.
  3. Tweet.  Share with your twitter followers information about the nonprofit’s upcoming events, retweet the nonprofit’s tweets and tweet about your involvement with the nonprofit.
  4. Share.  Go beyond liking the nonprofit’s facebook page and share posts from the nonprofit’s facebook page.  Sharing a facebook post from the nonprofit’s page will enable your friends to learn about the nonprofit.
  5. Tell your family.  At the dinner table or family gatherings, tell your family about your involvement with the nonprofit organization.
  6. Raise Money.  Don’t shy away from the opportunity to help raise money for the organization to fulfill its mission.  Keep your eyes and ears open for new fundraising opportunities for the nonprofit and support the organization’s efforts to raise money.
  7. Connect.   Understand the qualifications to receive services from the nonprofit organization so you can connect those in need of services with the nonprofit.  You can be the one to help others benefit from the programs and services offered by the nonprofit.
  8. Advocate.  Share public policy messages with elected officials about issues that impact the nonprofit organization.
  9. Volunteer.  Get involved and actively participate in volunteer opportunities at a nonprofit organization.
  10. Tell a coworker.  Next time you are hanging out at the water cooler, talk with some of your coworkers about your recent involvement and interactions with the nonprofit. Perhaps they never knew of your involvement and were always interested in learning more about the nonprofit.

Your support as an ambassador helps the nonprofit organization maximize their reach and increase awareness.  By being an ambassador, you may open new doors for the nonprofit organization to attract program participants, raise funds and recruit volunteers.

STEP UP and make yourself an ambassador for a nonprofit organization!

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