Passion for Work

Those who know me are well aware of how much I truly enjoy my job.  I joke that I wake up everyday to do exactly what I desire to do, yet I have the privilege of getting a paycheck twice a month for it. Yes, I enjoy my work so much, that if I was independently wealthy- I’d do it for free. I have true passion for my work.

Last week I heard a great story about passion for work on APM: Marketplace Money on my local NPR station. The show, hosted last week by Jeremy Hobson, was titled “Are you a hard worker?” and among those interviewed was Eric Chester, author of the book Reviving Work Ethic.  During the interview on NPR, Eric stated “Passion isn’t something that comes with a job, you have to put passion into a job for a job to excite you.”*

Eric also encouraged listeners to do their best with their jobs, which can lead to a growing passion for work. “Put your best into the job, and the most amazing thing happens, all the sudden the job becomes more exciting,” said Eric.*  And, I couldn’t agree more… by putting my best into my job, the result has been an incredibly rewarding and exciting work experience. I challenge you to put your best into your job and you will be amazed at the passion you develop for your job.

In addition to putting your best into your job, another strategy to build your passion for work is to determine how your job matters to the organization’s overall mission and goals.  Yes, it is your job to do X, but what impact does that have on the organization and its mission?

For example, the janitor…. yes, it is the janitor’s job to take out the trash, mop the floors and clean the bathrooms.  But, for the janitor at the hospital, it isn’t just about completing those tasks, it’s about completing those tasks to have a clean and sterile room for life-saving surgery, it is about having the waiting room clean for a young child to play in while waiting for their lab work, and it’s about having the the hallways clean for the first time a patient can step out of their room and relearn how to walk.  Just like in the case of the janitor, take the time to figure out how your role in the organization matters, and how you contribute to the organization’s overall mission.  Figuring out how your job matters within the organization will help drive your passion to succeed.

Remember, passion isn’t something that magically comes with a job, but by working hard you can ramp up your passion for work.

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*Chester, E. (2012, July 27). Are you a hard worker? Marketplace Money. (J. Hobson, Interviewer) American Public Media. WUIS.


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  1. There is nothing like passion. I liked your janitor example. I used similar example in one of by blogs

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