Are you a Doer or a Thinker?

When on the search for the perfect job, there are many factors to consider.  I am sure you have thought of some obvious considerations… location, salary, how it fits in your ultimate career plan and so forth.  But, have you also taken time to consider how your work style matches up to the available position?

A friend of mine was telling me about when she was interviewing for a job in the public sector, and during the interview she was asked a very peculiar question:  Are you a “Doer” or a “Thinker”?  If you were asked that question during an interview, how would you respond?

Lets start by defining both terms.  I understand a “Doer” as one who likes to take action, move plans forward and implement programs, policies and procedures.  I perceive a “Thinker” as one who enjoys analyzing results, preparing recommendations and studying impacts and implications.

Let me be clear – the nonprofit world needs plenty of “Doers” and “Thinkers,” so there are plenty of opportunities for both to be successful in the public sector.  However, for an employee to have high job satisfaction, and for the employer to ensure duties are sufficiently fulfilled, discussing a candidate’s approach to work should be an important consideration during the hiring process.

If you are a “Doer,” some careers you might enjoy include:

  • Fundraising, Corporate Relations:  Approach businesses to support a nonprofit; make the ask; network with business and corporate leaders
  • Special Events Coordinator:  Oversee the execution of events
  • Press Secretary:  Implement media strategies and address media inquiries

If you are a “Thinker,” some careers you might enjoy include:

  • Budget Analyst:  Examine the impact of budgetary decision on programs and services
  • Fundraising, Prospect Research:
    Research potential donors for a nonprofit
  • Foundation Program Officer:
    Assess grant applications and monitor programs

Whether you are a “Doer” or a “Thinker,” it is important to consider how your approach relates to potential job positions.  No, this isn’t a scientific approach to assessing your personality and how that impacts your work style (there are plenty of those out there)… rather, it is a question to ponder as you seek future employment opportunities.  By matching up your work approach, to that which is best suited for a position, the result will be a positive match – for both you and your employer.

And, yes… this will definitely be one of my new interview questions for potential job candidates!

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