They deserve to be asked

When a donor makes a contribution to a nonprofit, they are investing in the mission of the organization.  They are able to become a part of something great, and through their donation they are changing lives and improving the community.  Nonprofits give donors an opportunity to join in the mission of the nonprofit organization and have a meaningful impact through their donation.

When I worked at The Chamber, one area of my responsibilities was fundraising for the Q5 economic development initiative.  We had tremendous success, raising over $5 million to support economic development in Sangamon County.  We tapped the resources of R&M Resource Development to support our fundraising efforts, and they are the ones that shifted our thought process when soliciting donations.

During the campaign, our staff and volunteers would find reasons why we couldn’t or shouldn’t approach a potential donor to ask them for their support.  You’ve heard the excuses… “they are having a tough year with business,” or “they are already supporting so many organizations,” or “I don’t think they have the funds to donate to us this year.”  But, when we would question if we should approach a potential donor, R&M Resource Development would fire back, “They deserve to be asked.”

And it is true, who are we to decide if a donor does or doesn’t have the opportunity to join us and support our mission and become a part of something greater than themselves?  We can give donors an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of individuals and their community… they deserve the opportunity to be a part of it.  They deserve to be asked.

So next time you are either asked as a volunteer to approach a donor to support a nonprofit or if you work at a nonprofit and have the opportunity to invite a donor to be part of your mission, remember:  they deserve to be asked.


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