Doing more with less

Nonprofit organizations continue to stretch themselves to serve the community and fulfill their organization’s mission, even when faced with tight economic times. More programming, more services, more community awareness and more fundraising events. All of this with less resources.

As the economy takes a turn downwards, the demand for services from nonprofits often goes up.  More individuals have a need for food from a local food pantry. More families find themselves in need of shelter.  More kids need after school activities their parents can afford.  The demand for all these important services from nonprofit organizations goes up.

At the same time, nonprofit organizations often see a negative trend on their finances. Individual donors give less, corporate donations decrease and the competition for grants increases.  As a result, the resources nonprofits have available to them to fulfill their mission goes down.

It is basic economics:  an increase in demand for services and a decrease in supply of resources for services leads to a shortage.  Nonprofits often compensate for this shortage by stretching their resources as far as possible, so they can meet the demand and fulfill their mission.

How can you help?

  • Volunteer:  Share your time and talents with a nonprofit you want to see succeed in fulfilling their mission.
  • Donate:  Open your wallet and financially support a nonprofit organization that you want to make sure has the resources they need to carry out programs.
  • Advocate:  Share the messages  and mission of your favorite nonprofit via social media or get involved in lobbying for causes at the local, state or federal levels.

Most importantly, if you want to ensure that a nonprofit can fulfill their mission with the limited resources they have available to them, get involved.  Help them in doing more with less.


About Dr. Sarah Wolin Mackey

Putting theory into practice at nonprofit organizations.
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